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([personal profile] splix Sep. 7th, 2017 09:56 am)
I got 1500 words of my Cabin Pressure fic written last night, woot! I'm pretty sure I can attribute that to the lunchtime walk I took. Even though it was still fairly hot and icky, I wanted to start exercising again, and I felt well enough to hoof around for a while. Walking almost always shakes my writing loose because I can plot and plan as I walk; solvitur ambulando [it is solved by walking]. I should have known there was another reason, besides illness and lethargy, that I wasn't getting any writing done this summer.

So that's nice. I hope I can keep that going. I can't walk today because I have to use my lunch for bloodwork, meh, but tomorrow for sure. I wish I had enough vim to walk in the morning, but that would also require me to be a morning person, which I am so not. And because I was keyed up after writing, I didn't fall asleep until about 11:45 last night, so I didn't quite sleep enough, so I stayed in bed until the last possible minute this morning. The snake nipped its tail.


Soooo, there's this perfume by Viktor and Rolf called Flowerbomb. It's been out for, I dunno, maybe eight, ten years? And all this time I never noticed that the shape of the bottle is that of a grenade. EDGY. Still, I see but do not observe, ahaha.

Viktor and Rolf are pretty avant-garde when it comes to design, but honestly I find the scent a little pedestrian. I love, love floral perfumes - not soliflores, but mixed florals, so I thought Flowerbomb would be right up my alley, but when I smell it I get patchouli, some sticky-sweet note I can't identify, and a plasticky synthetic smell. And I like gourmand scents, so I don't know why this one doesn't resonate for me.

Meh, I want a big floral, I'll go with Guerlain's Jardins de Bagatelle, or Estee Lauder's Beautiful. Both huge florals, and significantly cheaper than Flowerbomb.

In other fragrance news, Tom Ford is coming out with a fragrance called Fucking Fabulous. The price is pretty fucking fabulous anyway - $310 for 1.7 ounces [50ml].

Oh Tom. UR SO COOL. Apparently the notes are bitter almond oil, tonka bean, orris root, leather, cashmeran and clary sage oil. Sounds...I don't know. Could be great, might be fucking awful. I do like the majority of the TF frags I've smelled, but none of them have knocked my fucking socks off yet.

Good fucking luck, TF! /snort


I've been reading a bunch of ballet novels, four or five. They were all okay, nothing to squee over, but they did satisfy the itch I have now and then for ballet fiction. Last night I finished a nonfiction book called Primates of Park Avenue, a catchy title but a bad book. Essentially, this woman and her small family move from downtown Manhattan to a prestigious address on Park Avenue where everyone is socially competitive. The book is framed anthropologically, which falls flat after a while. And eventually the author "goes native" - she gets her husband to buy her an Hermes Birkin bag so she has a 'sword and shield' to defend herself against/ingratiate herself with her new peers, for one thing, and her 'anthropological' justification of the purchase is downright gross. It's her money [or her husband's, more accurately], she can do as she pleases, but just admit you want the obscenely expensive handbag [ten thousand dollars! holy SHIT], don't pretend you're buying it for science and sociology and great justice. I finished the book and was glad I did, because it actually ended on a rather sad and humanizing note, but overall I'd say avoid it. Blech.

Next up, I think, is a book about Coco Chanel and her collaboration with Nazis. I knew she was a collaborator, but apparently it was deeper and far more laden with intent than I had thought. The more I read about her, the less admirable she becomes. I see her maxims posted and reblogged all over the place and I cringe. I have two Chanel fragrances but they were both purchased secondhand so...not money in the company's pocket? I still feel a bit weird.


I'm considering 221B Con in April. I won't mention my possible partner in crime until it's an actual Thing, but I've never been to a single-purpose con for a fandom I love and it might be super-fun. And it would be cool to meet a lot of people who for years I've only known as names. So we shall see. :D


Oh! My kitchen has been painted! It was a ginger-terracotta, and now it's a lovely....check it out! )

Have a swell day and night!


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